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Creative Kristi: July 2009

Creative Kristi

Thursday, July 2, 2009


JSYK= Just So You Know. I have no idea if that is an actual Internet/shorthand thing but it's what I started to type to my husband when he was deployed to tell him about things happening around here (usually a message like this: "JSYK we have X amount in the bank so don't spend it all" lol)

But today I'd like to give you a link to something that I am usually VERY tempted to print out and hand out to all the very obvious offenders- the #1 thing that bugs me is people leaving the flag out at night without lights on it or any proper lights on it (street lights do NOT count people!)

So Happy 4th and here ya go- go educate yourself! (Yes honey I know you know this already- you are excused from class!)


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