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Creative Kristi: April 2010

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's A.......Baby shower!!

So my baby shower was this past Saturday & I'm just fully recovered enough to edit photos and write a post. Whew! This whole pregnant with a toddler thing takes a lot out of you! (More on that later)

So the theme was "Cupcakes & Tea" and I actually used a lot of ideas I saw floating around the internet & ended up keeping my costs really low.

Ready for some pictures & a surprise? You've seen the invites I sent out...very gender neutral since we weren't telling anyone the gender remember?

Here is the welcome banner & teacup set-up as the guests walked in:

and of course we had to have some Martha Stewart Pom Poms! (well ones I made myself- I don't like to pay Martha for nothin!)

wait....that last pom isn't gender neutral is it?

hey wait- neither are those!! You can't see it in the picture but that banner across the windows says: "It's A Girl!"  Yup- that's right- our plan all along was to tell everyone at the baby shower! Our Little Girl has a due date of June 4th and we put off the baby shower as long as possible so that we could enjoy all the little guessing games going on amongst family & friends! (By the way yes she already has a name but that we don't share until she arrives!)

Let's see more of this shower now huh?

The iced tea & hot tea set-up on my buffet (taken after the party had started so you can see my MIL's camera bag haha)

The cupcake/cheese/cracker/fruit kabob table (directly under those pink poms!)

 I made teapot/teacup shaped sugar cubes which I think are just so cute!

And napkins that I cut/folded into the shape of little dresses & my friend Katie tied ribbon 'sashes' around! Thanks Katie- where would I be without your help?? She also cut & glued the cupcake toppers together for me!

A little more of a close up (better lighting)

And the fireplace banner in the living room complete with a couple of my favorite outfits from a huge lot I bought of Craigslist for $25! Woohoo!

Ok so that is it for pictures I took. Here are the links to all the tutorials/shops/ideas I used so you can use them anyway you want to too!
Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Pom Poms (free)
Martha Stewart Printable Letters (free)
Napkin Dress instructions (free)
Cupcake topper image (free) & instructions (free)
Iced Tea label download (free)
Sugar cube how-to (free)
Teapot mold (not free lol)
Teapot shaped favors ~you rip them apart, plant them & wildflowers grow! (not free-tell them creativekristi sent you! I'm sure they'd love to know I'm talking them up!)

There you go! I mentioned earlier we'd talk a little about how tiring this pregnancy is getting having a toddler too...well I've decided only once a week for posting is about what I've been averaging and I'll try to keep it up until delivery day. After the baby comes I'm trying to arrange a few guest posters for you so that the blog continues but I can recover. I have one who says she'd love to help a new momma out & if any of you want to help please e-mail me: creativekristi (at) gmail (dot) com with the words "Baby Guest Poster" in the subject line. I'm only looking for 3 or 4 and if you have a blog please include a link so I can check it out too. You all know the type of stuff I write about so try to keep it in that general area of topic. If you don't have a blog that's fine too- send me an e-mail anyway and we can work something out! Thanks so much!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A conversation with happiness.....

Last night after a long day of feeling like my house will never be 'company ready' & my pregnant body was at the point of 'I don't feel any bit of pretty anymore' my son was having a hard time getting to sleep. I was already laying in my bed & hubs brought him in to cuddle with Momma before bed.
I was laying facing away from him watching tv and he cuddled up to my back, put his little 2 & 1/2 year old arm around my neck kissed my back, sighed and said:
D: "momma?"
Me: "what hunny?"
D: "you my friend momma"
Me: "awww buddy you are my friend too. Thank you that made momma happy"
D: "you make me happy too momma"

That's it. That made my day, my week, my month, my everything. After time-outs & 'no you can't have that' and all of that- my son counts me as a friend. If that doesn't make you not give a darn about your house, your body, your self-prescribed shortcomings I don't know what will!

Happy Days to you!

I'm linking this up to my friend Beth's "Virtual Slumber Party #3: What makes you feel beautiful?"

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby shower invitations!

Well I finally got my baby shower invites done & in the mail so I can share them here! :)
Let's get to it shall we? The theme is Cupcakes & Tea :)
Here is the whole invite (it's a cardstock pocket card with an insert)
 The words you can see above the pocket say: "A Baby is coming, As cute as can be, so come & celebrate with Cupcakes & Tea!"  I've had this saying saved in my 'idea' file for months and I changed a few words because while I know what I'm having my family does not so I had to make it gender neutral and go with my theme. The original words were: "A baby girl is coming, as sweet as can be, so come out and celebrate with crumpets & tea"  (Forgive me I forgot to copy and paste the url from where I got this invite wording so if it's your work or you know where it was please leave a comment and let me know so I can give credit! Thanks!)

Next we have the insert itself:

Sorry for the bad lighting on this one. Yikes! Anyway this is a vellum overlay that the words are on. The bottom half of the insert says: "Kristi has a Baby on the way, A boy? A girl? We cannot say! Baby ___ will be coming soon, so we're celebrating with Cupcakes & Tea one afternoon, The fun doesn't stop there; give extra thought to what you will wear, Dress in clothes that are PINK or BLUE depending on what you think Kristi will have on the day she is due!"  (Idea & wording came from this post on Head Of the Table)

And lastly this is what it looks like with the vellum underlay lifted up:

Also the shower details are on the back of the insert (printed there in the same font) which is why there is an arrow pointing the way (people were asking haha I guess no one flips over cards anymore!)

Anyway I have lots of gorgeous details planned for this party! I have at least 4 flavors of cupcakes planned to make, lots of cute decorations and I've been too Goodwill a bunch of times buying out their teacups/saucers each time to have enough for the party! I can't wait to share it all with you after the party is over! (Only a couple more weeks don't worry!)
Have a good week if I don't get a chance to post!

Supplies used for invites:
Polka Dot digital paper from: "Kit essentials" by Gina Cabrera
Cardstock: Kraft by Papertrey, Ink, white by Georgia Pacific (wal-mart), Vellum found at Wal-mart also.
Font:  "Loved by the King" 
Stamps: It's A Celebration, Love Songs, and Everyday Classics By Papertrey, Ink (not available-it was a limited edition Anniversary set)
 Ink: Dark Chocolate, Landscape & Summer Sunrise (All Papertrey, Ink)
Other: Corner Rounder, adhesive, Scor-Pal, black Sharpie, Circle punch

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