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Creative Kristi

Creative Kristi

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My name is really Kristi but my uncle came up with cute little nicknames for all of us (my sister and two cousins and I) when we were really young. Mine guessed it...Krit Kritty Roo. So I figured that was unique enough for a blog name....what do you think?

This blog is one where I will be showcasing my creative pursuits. Everything I make (see list below) will be photographed either finished or in-process (tutorial style) & blogged about. I will list all items used in the making of said item whenever possible (I have some REALLY old crafting supplies I am in the middle of trying to use up so if you see something that I didn't list and you know where it came from...PLEASE tell me so I can give proper credit!! Thanks in advance)

Here is the list of what I make with some frequency and success:
Quilts (just the pieced part...I have no patience for the 'quilting' part lol)
anything sewn I will try my hand at, at least once
& my newest thing: digital scrapbooking...just trying it out

Thanks everyone, check back often....or better yet...subscribe!


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