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Creative Kristi: Baby Leggings

Creative Kristi

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Leggings

I recently started making Baby Legs (you know...those things that are ALL the rage in babyland??) for Christmas presents for a LOT of babies I know, and now I'm addicted because they are so easy. I got my instructions here. Baby legs, for those of you who don't know, are like leggings that are not attached so that you don't have to remove them to change the diaper. The only downside is they are usually around $12 a pair. I made these for $2.78. The knee highs are from the girl's section in Wal-mart.

Step one: Get a knee high sock and cut out the heel and toe portion. Throw out the heel and toe portions.

This should be what you are left with:

Step Two: Take the 'foot' portion and fold it wrong sides together. Basically put your hand through the opening, grasp the cut edge where the toe used to be and pull it up to where you cut the heel out. you will have two raw edges on one side and a nice fold on the other.

Step Three: Take the long "leg" portion of the sock and put the raw edge into the folded piece you just created, raw edges together. (Since you have a 'right' side on the inside and outside of the folded piece you don't have to worry, it'll look nice!)

This is what that looks like, 3 raw edges and you can look straight through the center down through the entire sock. one big tube.

Step Four: Then you will want to sew a straight stitch all around those raw edges (make sure you don't sew the tube closed, just sew around the opening from the inside)
Then, you also need to zigzag stitch around that same opening (it re-enforces the seam and 'finishes' off the edge. If you are lucky enough *ahem aimed at hubby for anniversary today* to have a serger then by all means, serge the edge to finish it off!!

This is the finished project. All you have to do after zigzagging or serging is trim long threads and flip your new "cuff" down. Pull the top of the sock up to baby's thigh and the 'cuff' will be at the bottom. Now go make the other one so that you have one for each leg... and yes, this is my son modeling my nieces present haha! I needed a visual of them on...and he loved them so now I've made him his own pair!


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