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Creative Kristi: Kid Presents!

Creative Kristi

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kid Presents!

Well I had planned on this being a well thought out, mid way to lengthy post. But instead, I'll just leave you pictures of what I created this year for all the kids presents for Christmas (and by kids plural I mean all the little ones in our extended family...I only have ONE kid right now haha)

This is not. at. all. my design. It is a pattern I bought from Jennifer Casa Please feel free to go buy one yourself and try it out, it is a NEAT idea. Great for car rides, or restaurants. My little DQ is only 17 months old but he is next on the list to get one! He loves to color and this will keep him happy at the table!

Here are the pictures. I just used some fat quarter fabric from Jo-Ann's and I used 2 or 3 different fabrics for each of the 9 coloring wallets I made. Every one was different fabrics. But I only took pictures of this one.

Sorry for the blurry/not well lit photos. And the artwork in the last one is b/c this one has already been used ;)


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