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Creative Kristi: June 2009

Creative Kristi

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I've been up to....

First let me start out by saying that the very first thing I wanted when I got pregnant with my son was a 6ft high vinyl fence around the backyard to replace the *basically* chicken wire one that was there. Now don't go thinkin' that I was thinking of my soon-to-be baby's safety in the future. Oh no- that was a bonus-I wanted it to provide a more secure (read: inescapable) place to let the dogs out. I was thinking ahead to when I was hugely prego and had to let our two big dogs outside and was I going to be able to chase them if they jumped the fence. Sooo anyway as you can see from the below picture I started to get my fence (that my lovely hubby & daddy started to put in in Oct. 2007) then my hubby got deployed and darn it if my Dad didn't want to do it by himself ;) so this past weekend (almost 1 & 1/2 years after it was started!!!) Mr. Hunky Hubster started to add more panels (YAY!) I walked up the hill in the backyard to check out the man- I mean- the progress and this is what I saw behind my lovely fence....
Look at that perfect little corner for a veggie garden/compost area next summer!! It gets lots of sunlight and it's not IN the yard so I don't have to worry about my dog pooping in it or digging it up. We only have one dog now- too bad it's Harry Houdini reincarnated- this dog scales fences, fits through openings only inches wide, opens baby gates with her nose, you name it- she can do it. We've been through about 4 dog crates because she knows how to collapse them from the inside then climbs out the openings -we zip tie them together and what does she do? BENDS the metal with her teeth to create enough space to get out, and it's not like we leave her for hours and hours- I'm talking a run to the grocery store. She's nuts I tell you! Anyway- lovely corner for next year's garden! YAY!

I decided to organize my junk drawer. Which to me sounds like an oxymoron but at this point the junk drawer is about the only thing in my house I can organize. So I did it. Here's what it looks like: (no before pictures sorry- just imagine it all jumbled up without the white dividers and about 5 miscellaneous cords to cell phones from 4 years ago.)

And lastly on my list of what I've been up to... the hubby and I bought our first piece of furniture together (we each had what the other didn't when we moved in together- he had couches, I had a bed frame, he had a mattress, etc. etc.) and here it is straight off craigslist!
I paid $75 and I'll re-finish it (read: spray paint) it black and it's going in our dining room. I'm in LOVE!! I really don't like ornate items and I wanted a buffet/sideboard so when I started looking on craigslist I was disappointed- everything was either brand new and like $400 (which I could go out and buy new- do people not know that on craigslist you are supposed to price it CHEAPER than the store??) or they were all scroll work and intricate carvings. Which I like, just not in my home. Then I found this. *sigh* LOVE.

That's about it for what I've been up to. We've been trying to paint the house but it's been raining for 3 weeks straight (not exaggerating either) so that's slow progress. I also have a counter top painting project stretching out months longer than it should be and a playroom re-vamp. Better start cracking on those projects! Be back soon!