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Creative Kristi: A Little Bloggy Hop!

Creative Kristi

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Bloggy Hop!

Today we are doing something a little different- it's a blog hop! This all came about because of the new 'tribes' at the SITS Girls blog these women involved in the hop are in my 'tribe'

It starts here and if you follow everyone's links you should come full circle right back here! Please leave everyone some comment love & I hope you find some interesting new blogs to follow!

I am showing some of the posts I found interesting at the blog 'Home is a Four Letter Word'

Here goes:

My first blog post I'm highlighting is one I think we can all relate to: the humor in those 'some assembly required' pieces we buy. Read all about it in 'Disassembly Required'

Next is a post is part funny part 'why didn't I think of that?' Gillian talks about people and how they perceive you if they see you walking with an empty baby stroller (which is just funny ) and then she talks about a man who has dogs and how it 'messed up' his floor and his really really great (and frugal!) way to 'repair' them! Check it out in 'Hooray For The Everyday!'

Lastly I wanted to highlight a post from the archives. So I choose: 'Dear Abby' because this post sums up about 99% of my projects 'round my house. One big game of 'we want to do tins but it needs to wait for this which has to wait until this gets done' and on and on and on and......

So there are my 3 post picks from 'Home is A Four Letter Word' :)
Please go visit Gillian and see who you are going to hop to next!

In case you lose your way (or some participants haven't posted their hop yet) the hop order goes:
Creative Kristi (you are here)
Home Is A Four Letter Word
Our Poverty With A View
Very Merry
Olive & Love
Stuff & Nonsense
Imperfect Nest
And because I can't have a blog post without a picture......Miss E says have a happy day!!

Have A Happy Day,

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