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Creative Kristi: What I Did This Weekend…

Creative Kristi

Monday, October 25, 2010

What I Did This Weekend…

….Construction Paper Edition!
So I planned on finishing up a sewing tutorial and sharing with you on Friday. My kids had other ideas and then this weekend we spent it making Halloween Decorations, a very special countdown chain, cutting Little Man’s hair and finally deciding what we were going to be for Halloween!
Here are the pictures and a few links to ideas and/or printables!

Little Man helped me cut & glue this free printable banner (it can be personalized!)together and choose where we hung it!

Milk Jug Ghosts (idea found here) I still have to cut a hole in the back and put our white Christmas lights in them but I think they are so cute! I have one more milk jug to add to it later today after lunch ha-ha!

Our countdown chain that stretches alllllll the way across our playroom (the center isn’t pictured) See our little footprint flag in the background? We still love it!

And lastly Little Man has a tricycle that he rides in the house and he kept saying he was ‘waiting for the green light’ while sitting on it so I made him a little traffic light and hung it in a doorway for him to pretend with…he loves it! Simple toys are the BEST!!

Ok that’s it for me today- hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back with a sewing tutorial OR our homemade Halloween costumes!
What are you & your kids going as?? Do you do a 'family theme' or just everyone picks something different?

Have A Happy Day,

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