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Creative Kristi: How to Use a photo from Flickr on your Blog

Creative Kristi

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Use a photo from Flickr on your Blog


So during the SITS Girls tribe event it was brought up in my tribe about how to use flickr photos in your blog and how to do that & give proper credit. I decided to post a little photo tutorial on how to do that!

Here we go! Just follow the orange arrows to see where to click!

Go to and type your search term into the search box, click ‘search’:

On the next page click on “Advanced Search”:

On the next page scroll down until you see the section about “Creative Commons License”  Make sure you check the box next to the “Only search within Creative Commons-Licensed Content”  and then click “Search”:

Find a photo you would like to use and click it:

At this point you will want to have a word processing program open like Word or NotePad. Copy & paste the url of the photo into your word document:

Now click on Actions and in the drop down menu click on “View All Sizes”:

On the next page we are going to double check that the photographer will let us use the image for what we want by clicking on “Some rights reserved” (it might say something a little different on your photo so just click on what it says here- it should take you to the CC License page too):

A page similar to this should come up, please read it ALL carefully & make sure that you can use it for what you intend. If you have any questions at all then either don’t use it or contact the photographer! When you are done click your browser’s back button (see arrow)

Next you’ll want to choose a size to download- I almost always choose ‘small’ it’s still big enough for what I want and it takes less time and storage space. Sometimes the larger sizes are not listed under the CC License and it will tell you that right next to the word “download” in the line above the sizes. Make sure you chose a size that is under the CC License.

The page should refresh and the line above where you chose your size should change to say “Download the _____ size of this photo” Click that.

Save the file like you would normally on your computer.

After you have saved it you need to click on the photographer’s name which is right next to the “Some Rights Reserved” that you clicked earlier. Clicking the photographer’s name will take you to their Flickr photostream.

Copy and paste the url for their photo stream into your Word document as well.

There! Now you have the picture saved to your computer so you can upload it to your blog like you normally do and you have the two credits- which you will hyperlink to under the picture on your blog. Technically you only need the url for the actual picture (the first url we copy & pasted) but I like to use the photostream one also just in case the photographer deletes the picture. At least I can give credit to them in that case.

If you’d like to see how I used this photo on my blog recently check out this post:

I hope this helped some of you & if you have any questions please ask away! Did I miss anything?

Have A Happy Day,


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