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Creative Kristi: Last Summer Project!

Creative Kristi

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Summer Project!

Today I’m going to share with you my spring/summer wreath that I made 3 years ago while pregnant with Little Man. I thought it would be a good “last hurrah” for Summer project.
It’s a fun little Pinwheel wreath! I didn’t take any ‘how-to’ pictures because I made it pre-blogging days but I did do a little Photoshop action to show you the basics!
First Here’s the wreath:

Cute huh?
Ok here’s the supply list:
  • double sided scrapbook paper cut into 5x5 inch squares (or 3x3 or 4x4 or 6x6 etc. whatever size you want!) (or if you can’t find double sided do what I did- glue two pages wrong sides together, let dry then cut into your squares)
  • foam wreath (must be the Styrofoam or foam…NOT the straw ones because you need to paint it)
  • acrylic paints or spray paint in your color of choice
  • brads or other round paper fasteners
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • sting for hanging
  • small hole punch
  • Paint your wreath form completely. Let dry. (obviously do one side first, let dry then do the other & let dry) You paint it because you will see it from the side since the pinwheels only fit on the front of the form.
  • Tie your hanging string around the wreath.
  • Take your squares and cut in from each corner towards the center but don’t cut all the way through! Stop short of the center.  Like this:

  • Next you will take every other corner and fold it into the center (without creasing it into a triangle…just pull the corner to the center gently) Like this:

  • Punch a small hole in each corner that you pulled to the center. Also punch a hold in the center (or just use a pencil to make a small hole) Insert a brad or other paper fastener through each corner that is pulled in & the center and then open it up in the back of the pinwheel to secure.  You could also just hot glue the corners to the center and not use a brad. I just like the ‘finished’ look it gave.
  • Next take your painted wreath form, lay it flat on a table and arrange the pinwheels on top in whatever pattern you like. I overlapped mine a little.
  • Lift up one pinwheel at a time and hot glue the back of it to the wreath. Repeat until you get all the way around the wreath.
  • Find the string you tied around the form earlier and hang your new creation! Fun & Summer-y!

How fun is that? And pretty cheap too! If you used browns/greens/yellows you could make one that is more fall like, same with red/green for Christmas'-y and one with different shades of white/creams would be beautiful for Jan./Feb./March. Although I have to say I love the spring summer ones the best because that’s when you use actual pinwheels :)
I hope you’ll share yours with me if you make one!!
Have a Happy day,

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