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Creative Kristi: What I Did This Weekend- Pirate Edition

Creative Kristi

Monday, August 2, 2010

What I Did This Weekend- Pirate Edition


Hi all! Welcome back for What I Did This Weekend #2! This weekend was all about Little Man’s 3rd Birthday party! Which was a Pirate theme (first talked about when I showed you the Pirate Party Invitations)!

While I was working on a project I’ve had on my list for over a year (post to come soon!) I was outside spray painting in the dark (it needed one. more. coat.) and when I came around the corner of the house to go back inside something hopped out of the lawn right into my path:

A huge toad! This picture doesn’t show you how big it really was! Now I’m not afraid or grossed out by toads or frogs but this one scared the willies out of me because it came from no where and jumped right in front of me! After I freaked out for a second I whipped out the iPhone and took a couple pictures because he was kind of cute!

Other than the toad this weekend was all Pirate- all the time!

Here are a few sneaky peeks of the party (post to come later this week!)

Birthday Banner (cost me all of $5 for the whole thing)

The “Every Pirate Needs” sign above the ‘dress up’ table.

Ok so that’s what I did this weekend! Next weekend has my Aunt & Uncle’s vow renewal (35 years!), my niece's 2nd Birthday party (I’m making the cake!), and my husband’s grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary party! Busy weekend ahead!

Ok so tell me what did you do this weekend? Any surprises?

Have a happy day,

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