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Creative Kristi: Meet My Family!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet My Family!

This is the post I told I'd never write when I first started blogging...the one on which I show pictures of my kids. But Military Man & I have been wrestling with this decision (me way more than him) for a couple months now.

See I applied to be a product reviewer for the Mommy Moment blog and was selected (Yay! You can see my first post here) So when Jody asked me to do a review on some baby items since I had a baby I hesitated, talked it over with Military Man & we said yes that was fine. We use nicknames for the kids anyway so we figured a few pictures were ok.

So without further ado I'd love to introduce you to my family (this is my proud wife/momma moment where I exclaim how adorable they are so bear with me!)
First up we have Military Man aka Hubby:

This is minutes after Miss E was born back in June. How sweet!

Then comes Little Man (with his good friend Thomas the train!)

And lastly we have the littlest member: Miss E (get it? Missy)

This was just taken the other day for her 4 month 'Look how I've grown' pictures.

So there you have it- my family! I'm not sure how regular my posts with kids pictures in them will be because a lot of my crafts don't really have anything to do with them but at least now I will post about them when its relevant!

Have a Happy Day,

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