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Creative Kristi: Cake!!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I never really cared for cake growing up. I really loved the ice cream cakes you can get for birthdays. So you can imagine that my family was surprised when I picked up Wilton's Yearbook way back in 2000 (I think?) and fell in love with cake decorating- I might have been the most surprised though!
I've showed a cake or two in the past but I thought that I would show you the recent cakes I've made.
So here are the pictures! Enjoy!

The first pictures are for my niece's 1st birthday. It was Blue's Clues theme & her mama (my sister) wanted her to have a smash cake to, well, smash all on her own. I did this for my son's 1st birthday but I didn't decorate it- just iced it. But this one came out so cute that if I ever have more babies this is something I want to do!

"Tickety" Smash cake:

Next is a wedding cake I made last summer for a friend's wedding. It was taken by the photographer at her wedding. You can find his website here.

Here is a Hula Girl/Volcano cake I made for friends to go with their daughters Hawaiian/hula themed birthday party (she turned 6 I believe- what a fun party!) The hula girl is one the mom picked up at like a dollar store (or some similar store) & the only other non-edible thing on this cake is the palm leaves (so sad- I spent 2+ hours making fondant ones that look so CUTE & alas they were too heavy for the pretzel rods so they fell off & I made paper ones at the last second.)
And last are some 're-creations' of something Bakerella made awhile back- I made these little 'faux' burgers & fries for a friend's BBQ at the beginning of the summer. They were a hit & oh so easy! For directions look here. (Photo was not taken by me, but right now I don't have permission to list his name- haven't asked yet- but he's a friend so it should be OK to use this picture)
So there are 'my' cakes! More to come I have one booked for delivery later this month but I'm not sure if it's a surprise cake or not so I'll just save that for after the delivery of the cake! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

If you live in the mid-coast/Bangor/Downeast area and would like me to make a cake for your occasion please e-mail me and we can chat!

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At September 16, 2009 at 9:25 AM , Blogger LollyChops said...

These cakes are stunning! I love the wedding cake you made for your friend! I love sunflowers!


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