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Creative Kristi: Starting to think about School!

Creative Kristi

Monday, April 13, 2009

Starting to think about School!

If any of you know me personally you know that I am still deciding on whether or not to home school my son, at least for the first few years. This is a discussion my husband and I have been having since D turned 1 last summer. We pretty much decided to go ahead and just keep checking each year and see if this is still something we want to do.

Anyway on that note: I made D a cute little fridge magnet matching game about a month ago and he LOVES it! YAY!
Here are some pictures of it!

I used a printable matching board sheet from here called "On the Farm" and all I did was print it twice, laminate one as a whole sheet & added a sheet of magnet to the back, cut the images out of the other and laminate & add magnet sheets to each individual image.
This is was before I went and got my Xyron 9" Creation Station and now I could do the laminating and magnetizing all at ONCE! YAY!

Then just stick it up on the fridge and let the matching BEGIN!! YAY!

Notice the ugly '70's brown laminate flooring? Yeah, we peeled it up and VOILA! We can now say we have ORIGINAL hardwood floors in every room on the first floor! I did the happy dance and made my hubby join me! lol!

Have a nice day!

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