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Creative Kristi: Birthday!

Creative Kristi

Friday, August 14, 2009


So my son turned 2 a few weeks ago. Where does the time go? That's so cliche but it's so true!

Anyway a birthday always means a party and a party always means a THEME! I love a theme!

Well my son (as many 2 year old boys do) LOVES Thomas the Train!
I make cakes so my first thought was: Need to have a Thomas cake! Then I started thinking up easy, inexpensive ways to make things in the 'train' theme.
I made up cute little invitations (which I think are on my external hard drive that went kaput :'( right before the party ) & on the day of the party with a little (ok they did it!) help from my little brother & cousin we 'laid' rails on the floor with black electrical tape:
I made signs for our 'menu':

And we can't NOT tell people where the bathroom is right?? (my husband thought this was overkill but I thought it was cute!)
Then I needed to establish our "Stations" (aka: dining room, playroom & living room)

Next up was disguising those bottles of soda to match the theme: (We also had Rail Yard Root beer-not pictured)

And of course the Cake!

And last but not least the goody bags! I made molded white chocolate trains, homemade mini coloring books with coloring images I found online and re-sized then stapled together, mini wooden train whistles & Thomas stickers all in a plastic bag (not 'green' I know- sue me)

So there you have it: Thomas the Train themed party! It was a hit!
P.S. My husband and I got our son tickets to go see the real, live Thomas & take a ride on him coming up tomorrow! Cant wait to see his reaction!

SYS Thurs

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