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Creative Kristi: Celestial/Star Wedding Cake with Shooting Stars

Creative Kristi

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celestial/Star Wedding Cake with Shooting Stars

Ok I did it again. I always say I won’t. Then I go and agree to it. Then I make the cake- feel like I’m going to throw up the. whole. time. and swear up and down that I am never. doing. this. again.
I made my second Wedding Cake. I think I wouldn’t be as nervous if it had been for someone I knew like my first wedding cake was.
Anyway it’s over and done with and mark my words: I’m never. doing. this. again. Ever. 


Here are some pictures! Some are from me playing around with my Polaroid app on my iPhone but it would always cut off the top of the cake so there are some ‘regular’ photos to show you the entire cake lol

Have a Happy Day,

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