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Creative Kristi: More Naughty Spots!

Creative Kristi

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Naughty Spots!

Hi all!! How was your weekend? Sorry for all these sporadic posts! I've got quite a few lined up to be posted starting at the end of this week but I had to pop on here and share my news:
I entered a 'design your own' vinyl contest over on If Your Walls Could Talk blog (the blog for and my 'naughty spot' design is in the top 10!

Colors and font that would be used if I won! I'm sure it's customizable for colors!

Now I need YOUR help! Could you go and vote for me? I would get the first cut of the design and also I believe it will be available in her shop for you to buy too if I win!! How fun!

So please spread the word and go vote!!
Have a Happy day,

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