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Creative Kristi: 8 years ago...

Creative Kristi

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years ago...

8 years ago the world as we know it changed forever.

Things got scarier, bigger than us, confusing, but most of all WE got closer. For 6 or so blissful months we really did stand UNITED. Flags flew everywhere. Even places they had never been before. It was a welcome sight to this proud American.

Then complacency got us back in it's grip and we are back to tearing each other down.

Today let's honor those who died (those in the attacks & those in the resulting war) by doing something nice for a complete stranger.

I mean it. I will seek out someone, anyone!, and do something nice. And if I can't find someone I will practice random acts of surprise (like my new term?) by placing say, a $5 bill in the change return of a soda machine or paying for the person behind me in line's coffee. Something where the ACT is the reward, NOT the praise.

Want to join me? If you do I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment telling me what you did & if you did see the person's reaction how did that make you feel?


If you are reading this in Facebook or a reader please click through to my actual blog and leave your comment- thanks!

P.S. thanks honey for being my knight in combat boots, that whole shining armor thing is so overrated.

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