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Creative Kristi: Baby Time Guest Post: A Chirp In the Forest

Creative Kristi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Time Guest Post: A Chirp In the Forest

Hi! Today I have a guest post from a bloggy friend who calls herself Birdie! She blogs at "A Chirp in the Forest" I asked her to guest post because she & I seem to blog about the same things: crafts, house renos, gardening, etc. She's a good fit for a "Baby Time Guest Post" and if I had a ball of twine sitting around I'd be doing today's craft right. now. :) Take it away Birdie!

Hi All! I have a fun and SIMPLE little project to show you, but first I want to thank Kristi for hosting me at her blog today! I am so honored to do a guest post for her, and it's actually my first guest post EVER, so you know she's really taking a chance on me :)

Some of you might know me already and if so, you've already seen my spring centerpiece on my little kitchen table. But here's a reminder anyway so all the rest of blogland can see it too.

I thought it was pretty cute. Then the daffodils and tulips finished blooming......and I got the bright idea to try to root a piece of clematis in the little glass jug ......and I found another twine ball and absentmindedly added it to the mix......and before I knew it, my perky spring centerpiece looked like THIS:

It's ok. You don't have to tell me. I heard your cringe. It needs some help!

I went searching around the house for an idea. And I found a set of three mini flower pots I bought at the Dollar Store a while back. I hadn't yet found a use for them, partially because one was cracked.

But I got an idea and I grabbed the twine.....

A little bit of Tacky Glue and about ten minutes later, I had some cute little cottage-y flower pots!

Plus, I completely covered the cracked pot so that hopefully it will hold up a little longer.

I took some alyssum seedlings which I haven't been able to plant outside yet, and just plopped them right into the pots. I'm not sure if I'll still plant those three plants or if I'll just let them grow inside. I guess it'll depend on when I get tired of the centerpiece :)

There you have it. A little summery centerpiece for a whopping $1 + 10 minutes. I love being cheap ;)

(PS the mirror came from Goodwill and was painted, so it was cheap too!)

Have a great day!

Isn't that quick & easy? And the fact that I don't even have a centerpiece 80% of the time makes any centerpiece trump me! :) Hope you enjoyed today's guest post! Make sure you go visit A Chirp in the Forest & thank her for giving me the day off with her Baby Time Guest Post! :)

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At June 10, 2010 at 11:07 AM , Blogger Birdie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

It's so fun being a Guest Blogger! Thanks Kristi for hosting me, and I hope everything is going smoothly for you :)


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