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Creative Kristi: Pirate Birthday Party Invitations!

Creative Kristi

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pirate Birthday Party Invitations!

I was going to wait and show you the Pirate 3rd Birthday Party when it was all over with and complete but then I thought- why not just show you the invitations and the rest in another post? It will break it up so you aren’t reading a huge long post (unless you like that….?) (Here's Pirate Birthday Party Post 2)
So Little Man is turning 3 and I decided last year (at his Thomas the Train Birthday party) to do a Pirate theme this year! Next year he’ll probably help choose his theme.
I started by searching for any Pirate parties online and found a bunch that had good ideas! I took the invitation in a bottle inspiration from here.
Here is what the invite looked like from the front:

I blurred out our names/address/etc. but it does say “Join us on the good ship our last name
Here is the back:

I always like to give present suggestions, mostly because I hate getting a bunch of plastic, noisy toys that I’m going to have to ‘hide’ after he goes to bed because they aren’t something we want him playing with, but also because sometimes adults just don’t know what a kid likes or wants. I always appreciate it when I get an invite with suggestions on it because it makes MY life so much easier…I won’t have to worry that the birthday child won’t like my present.
These invites were designed in Photoshop Elements and all the images you see came from that program.
So I had Military Man stop by the store and pick me up a 6 pack….of IBC root beer. We drank a couple, made root beer floats and then poured the rest into a pitcher. I rinsed the bottles out and dried them. Then I printed my invites on resume paper I had (it was almost linen like) to give it a authentic ‘lost map’ feel. I also burned the edges with a lighter. I rolled them up and stuck them in the bottle. I tied some twine around them and used a free tag printable to write the names of who they were to.
Military Man took 4 to work to hand out and the other two went to others. I ended up mailing 6 more invites (no bottles lol).
Here is the finished product (sorry for bad iPhone photo- my camera batteries died just as I was about to take the pic!):

So there is the beginning of the Pirate Birthday Party!(Pirate Birthday Party Post 2)
Let’s try something fun: leave me a comment telling me what your favorite party theme has been (could be yours or a party you went to)!
Have a great weekend,

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