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Creative Kristi: What I Did This Weekend-Blueberry Edition

Creative Kristi

Monday, July 26, 2010

What I Did This Weekend-Blueberry Edition

I’ve decided to start a Monday blog post (soon to become a linky party so get writing your posts!) called: What I Did This Weekend (or WIDTW for short…kinda.).
You can have words or not but it must include pictures! Kind of like “Wordless Wednesday’s” but I can’t be quiet so sometimes I’ll add words!
So without further blabbering from me here is my very first “What I did this weekend.” Today is the Blueberry Edition!
Military Man, Little Man, Miss E, myself and our friends (a family of 3) went to my family camp, “The Cottage,” for the weekend! It was relaxing and fun and everything it always is when I’m at the Cottage. I’ve been going my whole life…every summer! It is hands down- magical. really truly. It’s not much in the way of fancy or ‘in style’ but it is beautiful living at it’s best: Simple. Focus on Family. Food. Fun.
Here is the view from the deck (and yes that is Military Man doing a little fishing early Saturday morning):

Here is the view of the deck (my late grandfather, Papa, built) and it’s colorful chairs (many of which my Daddy made!)

Saturday afternoon we drove over to my (late) Grandparents house (my uncle stays there now) and picked some blueberries…well we started out picking then went and got the blueberry rakes because it’s faster! I wish I had pictures of that for those of you who have never seen a blueberry rake…I guess you could just Google it?!
We raked 4 boxes in about 10 minutes.

Then I got my little ‘set-up’ going to pick through them. Otherwise known as cleaning the blueberries. It takes some time but is relaxing when there is nothing but the sounds of screen doors slamming, kids laughing and the waves lapping the lake shore. It’s a favorite activity of mine.

As you can see I take a cookie sheet and two ceramic pie plates. I prop the cookie sheet up on one so that the berries run down to the bottom and the leaves stay at the top and then when I get a good bunch cleaned I place them in the other pie plate so I can continue. I pick off all the stems and leaves and bugs then into Ziplocs they go. This week I’m making blueberry everything I think!
So that’s what I did this weekend- how about about you? Tell me in the comments this week and next week I’ll have a linky up so you can do your own post!
Have a Happy Day,

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